Knud Vinther was born in DK-Odense on 28.08.1948 and he has been in business with development, product designs and graphic designs throughout the last 40 years. Originally Knud Vinther was educated in business as a  salesman, sales manager and managing director, having the specialities product development, marketing and graphic designs and as a patent engineer. A revolutionary product was the invention of an assembly system for furniture and shop equipment - all-ways system - which was patented in 8 countries. The invention was awarded with a 1st prize in an international competition in 1984, granted to Knud Vinther and the manufacturer Norsk Hydro. Knud Vinther has made numerous designs and patented products. 

Link to JV HOLDING´s portal www.designchairs.dk and be informed about alle furniture programmes and models. 

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